International criminal justice

De-carceral Futures: Bridging Prison and Immigration Justice

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The workshop “De-carceral Futures: Bridging Prison and Immigration Justice” was held in Kingston (Canada) at Queen’s University. The event was organized by the Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Law faculties of Queen’s University with a SSHRC connection grant.

Professor Sharry Aiken gave a presentation with Lisa Guenther and Stephanie J. Silverman.

The International Criminal Court and the Community of Nations

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The conference “The International Criminal Court and the Community of Nations” was held in Athens (Georgia) and organized by Dean Rusk International Law Centrer and the University of Georgia School of Law.

Professor Valerie Oosterveld gave a presentation on “Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence as Stakeholders at the International Criminal Court”.

Conference “Who’s Afraid of the ICC?”

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The conference “Who’s Afraid of the ICC?” was held at the I-Courts, in Copenhagen (Denmark) by the Faculty of  law of the Copenhagen University.

Professor Frédéric Mégret gave a presentation on “When Might International Criminal Justice Actually Encourage Crime?”.

International Criminal Justice Week

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To celebrate the Rome Statute’s 20th anniversary in 2018, the Canada Research Chair on International Criminal Justice and Human Rights and the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic organize the International Criminal Justice Week, which will take place in Laval University on April 3 to 5, 2018. Many activities will be organized for all social science and law students. More information is available here.