Scholarship to attend the “International Justice and Victims’ Rights Summer School”: Call for applications

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$ 2,000 scholarship (Master’s or Ph.D. student)

Purpose of the scholarship

The Canadian Partnership for International Justice (CPIJ) is offering a $ 2,000 scholarship to graduate students from developing countries to attend the International Justice and Victims’ Rights Summer School (see also here). Under the direction of Jo-Anne Wemmers, Professor at the School of Criminology, the summer school will be held on May 31 to June 8, 2019 at the Montreal Centre for International Studies, University of Montreal (CÉRIUM). As the school is bilingual (French-English), students are expected to be fluent in French or English and to have at least a passive understanding of the other language. The scholarship will be used to help pay tuition, travel expenses, and stay of the student.


Please send a file containing:

  • A short CV (use this format), including the list of academic and professional achievements (e.g. education, scholarships, publications, presentations at conferences);
  • A letter of motivation specifying your research interests and justifying the benefit of participating in the summer school for the advancement of your project;
  • A copy of the grades obtained in your current program;
  • A proof of current enrolment in a postsecondary institution.

Filing the application

Complete files must be emailed by Friday, March 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM to valerie.meehan@umontreal.ca as a single file in PDF format. Only complete files will be taken into account.

The Irrational Witness: Conference by CPIJ Co-Researcher Jo-Anne Wemmers

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In Canadian criminal law, victims of crimes are considered as witnesses of crimes committed against the State, which are therefore prosecuted by the State in the name of the Queen. It is difficult to explain to anyone who is not a lawyer that, even though the victims personally experienced a crime, they are in fact witnesses, and their status is much like that of any other person who witnessed a crime. For victims, not recognizing their unique position in relation to the crime is irrational.

The conference is held with the collaboration of Sabrina Labrecque-Pegoraro. The event is open to all.

Suggested reading:

More information is available here.

International Justice and Victim’s Rights Summer School: spotlight on an eventful week

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June 2018 – The first edition of the International Justice and Victim’s Rights Summer School, organized by the Canadian Partnership on International Justice (CPIJ) was a success. Held from June 4 to 9 2018, it gathered many world-renowed experts and motivated students. Each day was full with two three-hour lectures given by experts, namely: Jo-Anne Wemmers (Université de Montréal), Valerie Oosterveld (Western University), Frédéric Mégret (McGill University), Amissi Manirabona (Université de Montréal), Jonathan Doak (Nottingham Law School), Isabelle Daignault (Université de Montréal), Mark A. Drumbl (Washington and Lee University), Michel Seymour (Université de Montréal), Stéphan Parmentier (Leuvens Instituut voor Criminologie), Fannie Lafontaine (Université Laval) and Philippe Tremblay (Avocats sans frontières Canada).

The lectures were followed with evening activities such as the visit of the Raoul-Wallenberg Center including a meeting with the Honourable Irwin Cotler, a meeting with the CCIJ’s Legal Director Amanda Ghahremani, and the presentation by Paulo Estrada of its film Sin Miedo.

More information about the summer school is available here.

Summer school students and Prof. Stéphan Parmentier (KU Leuven)

Members of the Partnership will intervene as Amici Curiae before the International Criminal Court concerning the Rohingya situation

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May 31, 2018– Members of the Canadian Partnership for International Justice (CPIJ) were granted leave by Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to submit observations as Amici Curiae on important legal issues with respect to the situation of the Rohingyas in Myanmar and Bangladesh.


On 9 April 2018, the ICC Prosecutor submitted a request for a ruling under Article 19(3) on whether the Court may exercise jurisdiction over the alleged deportation of the Rohingya people from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The complexity of the jurisdictional issues arise from the fact that the Rohingya are being deported from the territory of a State which is not a party to the ICC Statute (Myanmar) directly into the territory of a State which is a party to the Statute (Bangladesh). Given that it is the first time that the Prosecutor submits such a request based on Article 19(3), Pre-Trial Chamber I will be considering a number of novel and important legal issues.

Members of CPIJ submitted a request for leave to intervene as Amici Curiae on 25 May 2018. The Chamber granted leave on 29 May 2018 pursuant to Rule 103 of the ICC Rules of Procedure and Evidence. In the decision, the Chamber recognised CPIJ and its members’ extensive experience in the field of international criminal law, human rights law, refugee law, migration and humanitarian law, as well as in intervening as Amici Curiae before both domestic and international courts. It took the view that the proposed submissions are “desirable for the proper determination of the Prosecutor’s Request”.

Issues at stake

The Partnership’s members acting as Amici Curiae will support the Prosecution’s position with complementary legal observations and will assist the Chamber in the determination of issues that have never been fully litigated before the ICC. In particular, the members of CPIJ will address the three following issues:

  1. Whether Article 19(3) of the Rome Statute allows the Office of the Prosecutor to request a ruling on jurisdiction;
  2. The scope of territorial jurisdiction under Article 12(2); and
  3. The nature and definition of the crime of deportation under Article 7(1)(d).

The Amici Curiae observations will be submitted before 18 June 2018 by 17 members of the Partnership, namely: Jennifer Bond, Robert J. Currie, Amanda Ghahremani, Julia Grignon, Mark Kersten, Fannie Lafontaine, François Larocque, Frédéric Mégret, Valerie Oosterveld, Frederick John Packer, Pascal Paradis, Darryl Robinson, Penelope Simons, Érick Sullivan, Alain-Guy Tachou Sipowo, Mirja Trilsch and Jo-Anne Wemmers.