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The Canadian Partnership’s Governance Structure

The partnership’s co-directors are an academic and an NGO representative, Fannie Lafontaine (University of Laval) and Jayne Stoyles (Canadian Centre for International Justice), to ensure the integrated implementation of all aspects of the program and a diversity of perspectives in project leadership.

This co-leadership arrangement builds on the experience of Lafontaine and Stoyles in co-leading a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (PDG) project, after years of collaborating more informally. Lafontaine and Stoyles jointly conceptualized the expansion of the project based on the experience of the PDG, identifying and engaging with leading academics, non-academics and institutions in the field of international justice in Canada, as well as international partners, all of whom they collaborate with in other ways and a number of whom were involved in the previous project.

Research teams pertaining to the three axes of research have an academic Chair who may rotate at the discretion of the group. The co-directors are assisted on a Governance Committee by the Executive Director of the other main NGO partner (ASFC), and by the academic Chairs for each research team. The Governance Committee ensures democratic and inclusive decision-making and effective project management, oversees the implementation of the research program and knowledge mobilization activities and approves an annual budget.