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Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Books (including edited books)

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Book chapters

Akhavan, P., “International Criminal Justice in the Context of Failed and Fragile States: Revisiting the ICC Self-Referral Debate” in C. Stahn and M. El Zeidy, eds., The International Court and Complementarity: From Theory to Practice (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming).

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Conference publications

Simons, P., S. Carrasco and M. Handl, “Access by Corporations and Other Legal Entities to International Human Rights Protections under the United Nations and Regional Human Rights Treaties” (2016) 2nd Annual Business and Human Rights Scholars Conference.

Simons, P., “Unsustainable International Law: Transnational Resource Extraction and Violence against Women”, (2016) Natural Resource Governance, Inequality and Human Rights Colloquium.

Articles in popular media

Bond, J., “It will take more than governments to solve the global refugee crisis” The Globe and Mail, 30 April 2018.

Bond, J., “One year after Alan Kurdi’s death, our work on the refugee crisis is not yet done” Ottawa Citizen, 2 September 2016.

Ghahremani, A., “Canada Should End Immunity for Perpetrators of Torture” The Toronto Star, 25 June 2018.

Ghahremani, A., M. Kersten and F. Lafontaine, « Rohingya : ce que le Canada peut faire dès maintenant » HuffPost (blog), 18 September 2018 and Ghahremani, A., M. Kersten and F. Lafontaine, “What Canada Can Do Now to Bring Justice for the Rohingya” HuffPost (blog), 19 September 2018.

Ghahremani, A., L. Gardner and I. Jacovella Rémillard, “First Week of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC” Philippe Kirsch Institute Global Justice Journal (blog), 9 December 2017.

Ghahremani, A., L. Gardner and I. Jacovella Rémillard, “Second Week of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC” Philippe Kirsch Institute Global Justice Journal (blog), 21 December 2017

Imai, S., C. Kamphuis and P. Simons, “Independent Accountability Needed for Canadian Mining Companies Abroad” The Hill Times, 14 March 2017.

Sullivan, E., et al., « Crimes internationaux: le Canada peut et doit faire plus » HuffPost (blog), 22 November 2016.

Reports, briefs and other forms of grey literature

D. Robinson, F. Lafontaine, V. Oosterveld et al., “Amicus Curiae Observations of Professors Robinson, Cryer, deGuzman, Lafontaine, Oosterveld and Stahn in the case of The Prosecutor v. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir” ICC-02/05-01/09-362 (18 June 2018).

Lafontaine, F., A. Ghahremani, J. Bond et al., “Amicus Curiae Observations on the ‘Prosecution’s Request for a Ruling on Jurisdiction under Article 19(3) of the Statute’” ICC-RoC46(3)-01/18-23 (18 June 2018).

Larocque, F., “An Inconvenient (But Unavoidable) Doctrine: Reforming the Doctrine of forum non conveniens in Transnational Human Rights Cases Involving Corporate Defendants” in Amnesty International and Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Creating a Paradigm Shift: Legal Solutions to Improve Access to Remedy for Corporate Human Rights Abuse (2017) at 29-33.

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Wemmers, J., “Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence: A Review of the Literature” (Ottawa: Department of Justice Canada, 2016).