PKI Global Justice Journal Calls for Contributions!

By February 24, 2018News

February 2018 – The PKI Global Justice Journal is currently inviting submissions to the Journal on various subjects related to international, transitional and transnational justice.

Over the last five months, the newly-established PKI Global Justice Journal has published contributions from legal experts on a variety of topics, including on the transitional process in Kosovo, on extradition proceedings in Canada, and on the activation of the crime of aggression. It has also covered landmark Canadian cases such as Araya v. Nevsun Resources Ltd. where it provided critical insights into the notion of forum non conveniens and the convergence of customary international law and private claims for human rights breaches. Contributors have also commented on international jurisprudence, offering in-depth analyses on the cases of KatangaAl Mahdi, and Al-Werfalli before the International Criminal Court.

The Journal also serves as a forum to report on the latest news and developments pertaining to international law and, as such, covers major events like the 16th Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court Statute held in New York City this past December.

Through the contributions of practitioners and academics, including the Institute’s Faculty, the PKI Global Justice Journal aims to keep readers apprised of legal developments relevant to the Institute’s expertise and to provide a space for on-going and diverse debate on issues related to international, transitional and transnational justice.

Contributions may take the form of short commentaries, longer analyses, or reviews of relevant articles and books on international justice theory and practice. The Journal publishes both in English and French.

For more details on submission requirements and on the editorial process, please refer to the Journal’s Call for Contributions.

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